We manufactured and fabricated a large number of PE, PU, EVA, CR, Fire Retardant Foam and Conductive foams for automotive manufacturing industry used. Functional foam components, used throughout the vehicle, including the engine compartment, headliners, pillar trim, seat supports and etc. Used primarily to address sealing and many NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) concerns the light weight nature of these foams makes significant contributions to reduced vehicle weight and improved fuel economy.
We provide cost-effective, high-quality packaging solutions for a diverse selection of high-value products – from sensitive computer and audio equipment to fragile handicrafts to priceless collections of fine art. We have designed and fabricated a large number of Polyurethane Foam and EVA Foam cushions in use by the packaging industry.
We manufacture and supply EVA yoga mats and foam that popularly used in sports and shoes.
We are the leading manufacturer and suppliers of Foam Gasket and cushion for electronic absorption, noise reduction, weather resistance, fluid restriction, vibration dampening and insulation. PU foam is suitable for electronics components including microphone, earphone and headphone cover. Our PU and Acoustic soundproof foams that help a room to control noise levels, vibration, and echoes. It is essential for karaoke or recording room and can be used in residence, recording studios and home theatres, schools, hospital, environmental protection, automotive, Marine, architectural decoration, household appliance and etc.
Our PU Foam Mattress comprises of Sofa Cushion Foam and PU Moulded Seat. Flexible PU Foam cushions upholstered furniture, office chairs, stadium seating and auditorium seating. As a cushioning material, flexible PU Foam provides the following benefits such as support and comfort, durability, resiliency, energy absorption and handling strength.
With domain expertise, we manufacture EVA, PE, PU Foams and Foam Tape for sealing, cushioning and insulation applications in building and construction industries.
We also manufacture a wide range of Children Toys from the very classic puzzle mats and blocks to giant board games and etc made of EVA foam. As we put safety before everything else, we have ensured that our products meet the international and national toy safety standards to promise you the safest toys of superior quality.
Manufacturer of Industrial Foam and our product range includes Industrial Foam such as PU, PE, EVA, Fire Retardant Foam, Memory foam, Conductive Foam and Anti-Statics Foams. Enriched with vast industrial experiences and we carry a large selection of foam products for a wide range of applications.
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